A way of life

Lauren Crosgrove, born prematurely with only a 30% chance of survival has perhaps not had the easiest start to life. Lauren developed short gut syndrome at an early age, which means she is fed through a line, which until recently prevented her from taking swimming lessons and playing in the sea as any other young girl would do.

Now 10, Lauren loves the water; she adores everything to do with mermaids. Hammond Drysuits made Lauren a specialist shortie drysuit enabling her to swim and play in the water with friends and family. Laura Patterson, Lauren’s mother, talked to Hammond about the difference the suit has made to Lauren’s life, “The suit has let her be a normal wee girl.” The family now go away on holidays and can all play in the sea together without the worry of the line getting wet and infected.  Laura went onto say,

“There is no cure for Lauren and hundreds of children like her, we have to make changes to what is everyday life for some, to make it a way of life for Lauren.”

Hammond manufacture a shortie drysuit, which has seals around the neck, above the knee and above the elbow, keeping the core body dry and all water away from any medical lines that need to be kept clean and dry. In standard child and adult sizes to specific made-to-measure ones for additional comfort, Hammond will work with you (and your child) to make sure their suit helps them to live a normal everyday life as much as possible.

In 2014 at the age of just eight years old Lauren set up Lauren’s Lines a charity help young girls come to terms with illness such as hers and accepting their bodies, speaking to families and parents so they too can understand it. Families can apply for funding for special bag packs, digital thermometers and the shortie drysuit from Hammond. Visit Lauren’s Lines on Facebook here.

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