Hammond Drysuits supply to UK Fire Services

Hammond Drysuits has supplied a further seven SR140R drysuits to the Fire and Rescue Services in the UK. The SR140R drysuit is part of the commercial search and rescue range from Hammond Drysuits.

The fire services use the suits for water safety call outs. The wearers can be in the water for prolonged periods of time and the suits keep them warm and dry, which can help maintain their focus and concentration. For this reason, the suit itself is robust and hard-wearing and designed to stand up to extreme varying situations faced by the fire services on a daily basis.

Made of durable Nylon N140, all the seams are single stitched and hand tapered for a longer lasting watertight seam. The seat, knee and shin areas include a double layer of material aiding longevity and in these sections that are prone to more abrasion than others.

All dry suits are made to order with the option, like the fire services, of having the suit made to measure rather than a standard size.

In addition to achieving the ultimate in comfort and protection, the made to measure suit comes with optional extras such as neoprene seals, braces, and Bekina® safety boots. The fire and rescue services opted for a rear zip, which goes just across the shoulder blades, this allows greater manoeuvrability and does not cause any discomfort across the chest area or restrict movement when potentially in tight search and rescue situations.

"We supply our suits for a number of different purposes and uses. Suits such as these for the fire services are particularly bespoke as comfort and performance are vitally important." Commented Chris Hammond, Managing Director at Hammond Drysuits.

"We have a good relationship with a number of different regions within the services and we are delighted they are happy with our product and service and that they continue to use us."

In addition to providing the new bespoke dry suits for the service, Hammond Drysuits carry out repair work as and when required to make sure the drysuits maintain their robustness and remain watertight for when they are next required.

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