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Made-to-Measure or Made-to-Fit

Acronyms are commonplace and are often used without people realising what they actually mean. So, we thought it was about time we explained what our M2M – Made-to-Measure - stands for and what this means for you, our customers and wearers of our drysuits.

At Hammond Drysuits every suit we make is made to order, whether it is a standard size ranging from Junior Small to Adult XL, or a Made-to-Measure. Currently work only begins on a drysuit when an order is placed.

What is M2M and how does it benefit the wearer?

We are a great believer in one size does not fit all, and whilst some of us are lucky to fit into a standard size, not all are. For instance, whilst a small may fit one’s body and arm length, the wearer may be blessed with long legs, and therefore they may need a medium suit because of this. Therefore, one has to make a choice, and ultimately a compromise along the way.

Chris Hammond managing director of Hammond Drysuits comments; “M2M drysuits take into account your specific body shape and size. To manufacture your drysuit for the perfect fit we use a number of different body measurements.” 

To make an M2M suit, Hammond Drysuit require the wearer's full height, shoulder height, neck, and wrist measurements, including wrist to wrist across the shoulder blades. Chest, waist, and hips sizes are also considered, along with the widest part of the thigh, knee, calf, inside leg and shoe size. This makes a suit designed for both comfort and longevity. It can even be further personalised with the choice of colours, seals, gloves, and footwear.

The difference between an M2M and a Made-to-Fit is that a made to fit does not factor in your complete body size and shape. In this instance, the manufacturer takes a standard size suit and adjusts the seals, arms, and leg length. Further to this, they may take it in at the waist, however, it will not fit your specific shapes and curves. 

“An M2M drysuit from Hammond is exactly that and from the feedback we have had from our customers it provides added comfort throughout the seasons, for this reason, if you are looking for a suit that truly fits, choose M2M over Made-to-fit,” comments Chris Hammond.

To find out more about the M2M drysuits from Hammond Drysuits email [email protected] or call 01474 704123.

See our YouTube video on how to take your measurements here.

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