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Material socks

Material socks
Material socks ( only available in pairs)
There are 2 materials material socks can be made in 3 ply breathable and Non breathable tri-laminte.

The breathable socks are to be used for lighter surface suits such as Sailing, Kayaking, Kite surfing etc. 
The non breathable polyester version is used for diving or where a more robust sock is required. 

Available in UK sizes 3 - 13.  Both styles of socks should be sewn and taped into the suit and not glued.  Foe this reason we recommend that we tackle this job for you.

For those who are confident with this job please allow a week for delivery as these are only made to order.

These prices are for supply only.

If you would like us to do the repair for you, visit our dry suit repair page for more details.
Price: ££35.00

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