Meet Dave

We would like to introduce you to Dave, who has recently joined the team here at Hammond. So you can find out a little more about those who make and repair your drysuit we hope you enjoy the following Q&A. 

Job Title: Drysuit Technician.
I carry out wet pressure tests or seal replacements on all makes of drysuits coming in for repair. I also assist in fitting seals and performing the ‘finishing’ touches to a new drysuit that has been ordered. 

How long have you been diving: Over 12 years 

Favourite place to dive: Anywhere where the visibility is more than 2 meters 

Favourite part of the job: Varied work in a happy environment 

Part of the job you try to avoid: Getting wet during a wet pressure test! 

One thing you didn’t know about Hammond Drysuits: The range of drysuits available. I didn’t realise there were so many different watersports 

Current equipment: Hammond Pro Elite Drysuit 
  • Custom Diver 
  • TCW twin bladder wing with AP diving 
  • Weight harness Twin Poesiden cyklon regs for twin set 
  • Suunto Vyper Dive Computer (x2) 
  • Split/hinged finns 
  • 2 x Mahone Reels 
  • Buddy DSMB 
  • Aquatec 10’ emergency mother buoy 
  • DSMB Emergency pocket containing 
  • Net cutter - scissors, spare mask and 3m buddy line 
Please join us in welcoming Dave to Hammond.

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