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Meet Hammond Ambassador Jack Perks

It’s hard to blow your own trumpet sometimes, and at Hammond it’s just not something we do, as we are simply just doing our job, and that is making drysuits that keep you dry no matter what you are doing in the water. 

The drysuits we make could give you the ability to go for a swim, it could keep you sailing over the winter months as water temperatures plummet. It could be about exploration and travelling the world scuba diving in the most exotic of locations or it could enable you to go diving with friends at your local club, or it could even help you save lives. Simply put, we work hard at keeping you dry, it’s what we do. We like to think that our drysuits enable you to take part in the water activities you wish to do.

Recently we came across wildlife photographer Jack Perks whose forte is wildlife photography including capturing the action under the water. Jack has written for dozens of magazines, published a book and featured on Springwatch, Countryfile and The One Show. Underwater photography, in rivers and lakes, is something he predominantly specialises in.

Jack, approached Hammond to see how we could help him going forwards, and after some discussions and research, he is now equipped with SR140F made to measure dry suit. This model is robust, with reinforcement on the knees and seat area therefore providing added protection to the wearer and the suit, whilst at the same time it enables Jack to get in the most ideal position to capture his ‘perfect shot’. Here we have interviewed Jack about the drysuit and how he is getting on with it.

Q. Why choose Hammond?
Hammond were the only choice for me as I had lots of specialist needs that they were perfectly suited to accommodate. Thick boots for wading in rivers, a front zip for easy removal when alone in the field, and a made to measure suit, means it fits correctly and is therefore more comfortable to wear. The main reason for getting a drysuit was the issue of losing warmth in a wetsuit. Now I can stay much longer in the water and hopefully get more images!

Q. When did you first use your new drysuit?
I tested out my new drysuit at Ellicar gardens when filming their natural swimming pond. The suit was warm and comfortable to wear when wading and swimming in the pond. The additional boots helped with grip on the slippery stones and large pockets on the leg were helpful for putting waterproof camera gear in.

Q. What does the winter hold for you?
With the winter coming I plan to use the suit in the Peak District for some films I've been wanting to do for years but couldn’t do without a drysuit. 

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