Mood sensitive material launched by Hammond Drysuits

Hammond Drysuits have launched a new innovative material that they hope will be a real game changer in the industry.

A select number of drysuits in the Hammond range will be available in this new material. The suits will come with all the characteristics customers of Hammond Drysuits have come to expect with one added feature whereby the suit will change colour depending on your mood.

The wearer’s mood will automatically dictate the colour of the material. Research has shown that when people are wearing the drysuit and enjoying themselves the suits adopts the calming colours of blues and greens. As they become more frustrated and lean towards a higher heart rate and their mood potentially turns sour then the suit will adopt a pink to deep red colour. Fellow divers and sailors be warned!

“We came across this material by chance really,” commented Chris Hammond, Managing Director at Hammond Drysuits.

“We have worked with sailors and divers for some 30 years now, and there comes a point when we all fancy a change just without the outlay of purchasing a new drysuit. This material, will change colour adding some variety to our kit.”

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