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Waterproof Cast Covers

Got a broken arm or leg? Can't have a shower or bath? Are you missing out on going swimming, because a wound needs to be kept absolutely dry?

We have a solution for you, our Dry Arm and Dry Leg, which can be made to measure for maximum comfort.

See our waterproof cast covers in action

Waterproof cast cover from broken arms and legs
Waterproof cast cover from broken arms and legs
Waterproof cast cover from broken arms and legs
Waterproof cast cover from broken arms and legs

How good are the cast covers?

We realise how important it can be to keep your arms or legs dry, and when it comes to keeping things dry, we are something of an expert.

We guarantee 100% dry arms and legs.

These are good not just for casts, but any type of wound you might have to protect from getting wet if you still want to swim.

What do customers say about our cast covers?

I just wanted to say how pleased we were with the cast protector we recently purchased. My 14 year old son missed out on nothing on our trip to Cyprus - all watersports and water park activities were tried, tested and approved! When he broke his arm only two weeks before we went away, I never imagined he would be able to enjoy the holiday to the full, but he did!

Many Thanks, Amanda Staughton

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the the short arm dry suit you made for me. As you recall days before I was leaving for Thailand I managed to slice the end of my thumb off in a door. After the operation i was unable to get it wet, which would have put a real dampener on my holiday. Thankfully the dry suit hand cover saved my holiday. I was able to go swimming, snorkelling and even did some dives! Thanks so much for saving the day!

Many Thanks, Craig McVicar (pictured left)

We had a dry suit cast protector made this summer for our 8 year old son who broke his arm just a few weeks before our 3 week holiday in Spain. Needless to say that we were all distraught at the prospect of him not being able to swim during his holiday. The cast protector you supplied made such a difference to what would have otherwise been a very difficult time away. He was in and out of both pool and sea every day for 3 weeks without a single leak and as such we wouldn't have known that his arm was broken.

Thank You, Bettina Rubek Slater

I just wanted to say what a fantastic product you have! Your dry suit leg is in a league of its own. My nine year old daughter was able to enjoy a summer holiday which included swimming (and hand stands), snorkelling and feeding the fish out at sea - being totally submersed in the water - brilliant!! Even the Germans thought it was a magnificent piece of ingenuity and engineering - that says it all! It also enabled her to have a conventional bath, which would have been a nightmare otherwise!!

Kindest Regards, Tony Elder

How much do the waterproof cast covers cost?


Below elbow = £60.00
Above elbow = £75.00
Twin seal arm = £78.00


Below knee = £80.00
Above knee = £95.00
Twin seal leg = £98.00

Postage on cast cover by Royal Mail to UK (from £5.00).

How to order

To order, download our arm measurement chart (311kb pdf) or leg measurement chart (1842kb pdf), to know what measurements we need.

For further details, or to make an order, contact us on 01474 704123 or email [email protected].

How to use your HDS waterproof cast cover

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