Cast Covers put the fun back into summer

Hammond Drysuits, leading British drysuit manufacturer, now offers an innovative solution to protecting injured limbs, meaning that you needn't miss out on the holiday fun this summer!

Dry Leg and Dry Arm Cast Covers are 100 per cent waterproof, and so are guaranteed to keep casts and bandages dry whilst swimming, taking part in watersports or even simply showering.

Each is made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit for maximum comfort, with latex seals making them easy to get on and off over casts or bandages.

Made from the highest quality waterproof tri-laminate material, Cast Covers are designed and manufactured in the UK at Hammond Drysuits' dedicated workshop in Dartford, Kent, using more than 30 years of stay-dry expertise.

A speedy turn around service is available (at an extra cost) meaning you don't have to put your holiday on hold for an unexpected break or burn.

The cost for Hammond Drysuits' Cast Cover start from just £45, (inclusive of VAT).

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