Blowing our own trumpet!

Well what can I say? In Loch Fyne today, first dives with the suit, and it really is hard to describe the difference having a made to measure suit of such quality makes to the whole diving experience.

The fit is excellent, giving me a far wider range of movement that the previous off the peg suit I had. It was very easy to manage the movement of air round the suit, meaning I found it easy to fin along backwards, on my back, looking up, or horizontally facing down, or vertical managing DSMB deployment, or any of the other daft positions I get into whilst diving (!?).

It looks to be extremely well made, sure to withstand the abuse diving in the UK waters from a RIB will entail. I am, so far, very, very happy with the suit, and hope the after sales support is as good as the service I have had so far, and you can be sure that I will be mentioning your quick, efficient service to all my buddies. The quality of the suit will speak for itself!

Once again, thanks for everything!

Cheers, Dave

How can we thank you, after a not very good week at the hospital, to see the joy on a 13 year old child's face as we did, when she tried it on, made up for everything. We totally appreciate your efforts to get this up to us so quickly and hope you can appreciate how much it means to know that she is set for the cold weather and it is another box ticked from my to do list.

We had of course heard of the great reputation of your company but think that you have indeed excelled yourselves this time. It is perfect, with room for growth. She looks forward to a long partnership with yourselves.

Younger members of Scottish Waterski & Wakeboard are all looking on with envy and I would expect there may be further orders popping up. We will try to get a photo sent down to you with her in it, possibly all you will see is a huge grin!

Many, many thanks, Shonah Hutchison

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