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HDS CP Pro Diving Dry Suit

HDS CP Pro Diving Dry Suit
HDS CP Pro Diving Dry Suit


This is by far our best selling diving dry suit. It has been developed for the intermediate to expert recreational diver.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all new diving dry suits for qualified Diving Instructors. Get your promo code.

High quality

You have the security of double rubber taped seams for a longer lasting watertight seam.

The suit is made from stronger and more flexible Cordura/Polyester tri laminate fabric in a range of colours.

All Diving suits NOW supplied with FREE changing mat bag.

Made to measure with optional extras

This dry suit is made to measure for maximum comfort. You can also add neoprene seals, braces, valves, pockets or change your zips.

Looking for a front zip, self donning suit?

Although a rear zip is fitted as standard, all of our diving dry suits are now also available in SD (Self Donning) with front zip and telescopic body.

Contact us

If you need more info, please call us on 01474 704 123 or email [email protected].


Stronger and more flexible Cordura Polyester.


160g/sqm Cordura weave outer, 160g/sqm butyl liner, 70g/sqm polyester inner.

Material for HDS CP Pro diving dry suit - Cordura/Polyester


Yellow/Black, All Black, Red/Black and Grey/Black (see left)


Latex bellows neck seal (optional).

Latex bellows neck seal

Standard fit

Neoprene neck seal (3mm)

Neoprene neck seal

The neoprene seals last longer and are warmer and are more comfortable especially if you think that latex seals are too tight.


Heavy duty latex wrist seals fitted as standard.

Latex wrist seal


Neoprene wrist seals (3mm) £25.00 a pair

Neoprene wrist seals

Neoprene seals last longer, are warmer and are more comfortable.

Although these are slightly more comfortable you don't tend to notice the difference you get with the neck.



Kevlar Gloves (4mm) £31.50 a pair

4mm Superstretch neoprene gloves with Kevlar reinforced palm and fingers

4mm Superstretch neoprene gloves with Kevlar reinforced palm and fingers

  • Velcro wrist strap, ensuring a secure fit
  • Pre-curved fingers for greater comfort and ease of movement
  • No internal stitch seams preventing chafe
  • Scalloped shaped cuff design to fit over wrist seal
  • A robust hard-wearing glove with a comfortable fit
  • Kevlar reinforced palm to ensure a prolonged life
  • Currently a best-selling glove for a wide range of activities including diving, fish farms, search & rescue and industrial use
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL


8bdm (8 teeth per inch) neoprene coated REAR ENTRY ZIP FITTED AS STANDARD.

8bdm zip

(Fitted across our range as standard as they are strong enough without being too restrictive)


Front Zip (8bdm) telescopic £200.00

The front zip option (picured below on our Pro-Elite suit with added wet zipper cover) is only recommended if you feel that you need to close the zip yourself.

Self donning front zip

The rear entry is a much better position for the zip for donning. This is due to the fact that when the rear zip opens, the top part goes easily over your head.

With a front zip that goes diagonally from your left shoulder to right hip, when open it does not increase the shoulder height of the dry suit, so the top of your head has to drop below the shoulder height of the suit to get in. For some this can be difficult.

Cover for the main front or back zip.

Main Zip Cover £35.00 velcro closing

Main Zip Cover £60.00 wet zipper closing

Fly Zip /Convenience Zip 11" 8bdm £85.00 + cover £15.00

A fly zip will allow you to relieve yourself without having to remove your suit, great if you spend a long time in your suit.

We also now fit them for women in conjunction with a shewee.


The waist is elasticated at the rear.

Elasticated rear waist


Knee and shin reinforcing with a second layer of Cordura Polyester over the main fabric to protect the suit from wear and tear.

dry suit knee and shin reinforcement


Neoprene lined rubber boots are fitted as standard.

Rock boots


Neoprene socks and rock boots £70.00 a pair

Rock boots


A concertina 10" x 7" x 3" pocket is included as standard

Concertina Pocket


2nd Concertina Pocket (10" x 7" x 3") £33.00

Concertina Pocket


Elasticated braces are fitted as standard.

Braces with quick release adjustable buckles can be of use if you need to take down the top of your suit without removing the whole dry suit.


75cm inflation Hose



Apeks inflation and Apeks auto dump valves are fitted as standard.


CoreTek and CoreTek X Undersuits

Our thermal layers, part of the Hammond Survival Wear range are perfect for both commercial and leisure wear use.

Undersuits for your drysuits

These thermal layers comprise of long sleeve tops, leggings and socks. They offer comfort and warmth, allowing the wearer complete freedom of movement.

Hammond Survival Wear (undersuits)

We have two versions of our thermal undersuit.

1. CoreTek

The CoreTek is a SINGLE lined polar fleece 3 piece thermal

2. CoreTek X

The CoreTek X is a DUAL core fleece, offering additional warmth to those DIVERS in cooler temperatures and throughout the winter months.


The CoreTek range of undersuits includes an extended seat cover in the top, and hand loops. The leggings have a drawstring waist and foot loops, whilst the top has a crew neck, to help retain warmth whilst not hindering the neck seal.


The polar fleece fabric is a compact material, keeping the wearer warm and the skin dry. It comprises of a technical stretch construction to allow the lateral movement of fabric.

The polar fleece material has been specifically designed for the CoreTek range. These undersuits can be worn under any make of drysuit.


To order an undersuit with your dry suit, simply choose the thermals option you want below. Please note, we will select the size of undersuit based on the size of your dry suit.

Need to know more?

If you need more information or advice, please either call us on 01474 704 123 or email [email protected].

Suit Bag

FREE changing mat bag with your dry suit.

Changing mat bags


To order the HDS CP Pro dry suit, fill in your requirements and either order online or print out a measurement chart (688kb pdf) and email to [email protected] or send by post.

Please note, all drysuits, whether made to measure or standard sizes, are manufactured to order.  No stock is held in-house to enable you to customise your own drysuit.

Need to know more?

If you need any further details, please do not hesitate to either call us on 01474 704 123 or email [email protected].

Price: ££995.00

Choose Options

Colour options
Yellow and Black
All Black
Red and Black
Grey and Black
Neck options (select one)
Latex Bellows
Neoprene - 3mm slick skin
Wrist options (select one)
Latex Heavy Duty
Neoprene 3mm slick skin (pair) - EXTRA [+£25.00]
Kevlar Gloves (4mm)
S - EXTRA [+£31.50]
M - EXTRA [+£31.50]
L - EXTRA [+£31.50]
XL - EXTRA [+£31.50]
XXL - EXTRA [+£31.50]
Main Zip options (select one)
Rear (8bdm)
Self Donning version (front zip with telescopic body) - EXTRA [+£200.00]
Main Zip Upgrade
Heavy Duty (6bdm) - EXTRA [+£35.00]
Main Zip Cover
Main zip cover -Velcro closing - EXTRA [+£35.00]
Main zip cover - wet zipper closing- EXTRA [+£60.00]
Fly Zip
(8bdm 11'') - EXTRA [+£85.00]
flyzip cover [+£15.00]
2nd Concertina Pocket (10" x 7" x 3") - EXTRA [+£33.00]
Neoprene lined rubber boots
Neoprene socks and rock boots - EXTRA [+£70.00]
Undersuit - 3 piece thermals (select one)
No Undersuit
CoreTek Undersuit - EXTRA [+£135.00]
CoreTek X Undersuit - EXTRA [+£180.00]
Size: Neck
Size: Wrist
Size: Chest
Size: Waist
Size: Bottom
Size: Top of Leg
Size: Knee
Size: Calf
Size: Ankle
Size: Shoe
Size: Height
Size: Shoulder to Ground
Size: Inside Leg to Ground
Size: Calf to Ground
Size: Wrist to Wrist
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