Offshore wind farm workers "strip off" their dry suits in the heat wave

We are pleased to report that our dry suit repair and service business for our commercial customers has been booming since the heat wave began, as workers on offshore wind farms around the UK have been stripping off their drysuits!

When the sea temperatures hit ten degrees celsius, workers are no longer required to wear their dry suits, so this hot weather has been a great time for companies to send in their drysuits for Annual Inspection and Certification.

This is the case with London Array, the world's largest wind farm situated in the Outer Thames Estuary, which was opened earlier this month by the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Amongst the companies invested in London Array is E.On Climate & Renewables which, we are pleased to say, has chosen Hammond Drysuits as its repair agent for its dry suits and survival suits for the third consecutive year.

With more and more wind farms popping up around our coastline – there are now over 300 of them! – we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of commercial drysuit repairs coming in to us.

We are delighted to be working with a number of new clients this year, including Wind Farm Equipment Ltd and Dawson Energy. For more details on our commercial repair and inspection services, call 01474 704 123.

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