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Scuba Diving Dry Suits

Our scuba diving drysuit range has evolved from the first model, the HDS140, which Hammond made in 1979. Since then the range has expanded and been developed to match the type of diving, experience and requirements of the diver. Our scuba diving drysuits are all made-to-measure in the UK for ultimate comfort and fit, with customised optional extras available for each wearer.

For more information on our range of diving drysuits, please watch our short video 

Qualified Diving Instructors Discount

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We manufacture four different dry suits for scuba diving. They are now available with the option of a front zip and telescopic body.

HDS Lite100 diving dry suit

HDS Lite100 Dry Suit

Made to measure - £730.00
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HDS 140 diving dry suit

HDS 140 Dry Suit

Made to measure - £790.00
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HDS CP Pro diving dry suit

HDS CP Pro Dry Suit

Made to measure - £995.00
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HDS Pro-Elite Diving Dry Suit

HDS Pro-Elite Dry Suit

Made to measure - £1325.00
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What do people say about our diving dry suits?

"Just back from the maiden dive with my new HDS Pro-Elite Dry Suit. Messinghausen is a cold quarry in Northern Germany, a great dive site especially for those with shiny new diving toys to try out. There is only one word to describe how the suit you made for me performed:"


"I recall discussing with you when we first met that I knew no members of the military diving community that had heard of Hammond Dry-Suits and that all the advice was to go with 'O' Three. I'm so pleased with myself that I ignored that and came to meet with you guys. Every Diving Buddy I know in the military will know just how great the service is you have shown me and just how fantastic the suit is."

"Feel free to send any prospective customers my way for a first class recommendation. Keep up the great work."

"PS I shall never look elsewhere for my underwater wear!"

Regards, Michael Delieu

Which scuba diving dry suit is best for you?

  • The HDS Lite100 dry suit is our lightweight diving dry suit that has been designed specifically for scuba diving trips abroad.
  • The HDS 140 dry suit has been developed for beginner to intermediate divers. It is favoured by scuba diving schools for their students.
  • The HDS CP Pro dry suit is our best selling diving dry suit. It has been developed for the intermediate to expert recreational scuba diver.
  • The HDS Pro-Elite dry suit is our top of the range diving suit.

Some of our diving dry suits in action

Diving dry suit
Diving dry suit
Diving dry suit
Diving dry suit

If you have any questions regarding choosing a dry suit for scuba diving, please email us here or call 01474 704 123.

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