10 UK Flooding Facts

In the wake of ex-hurricane Bertha, the Met Office is warning that flash flooding could become commonplace during the UK's summers. That's due to warmer overall summer temperatures, allowing the air to hold greater amounts of moisture, which in turn intensifies rainfall.

Working with over 30 Environment Agencies and emergency search and rescue organisations around the country, here at Hammond Drysuits we happen to know a thing or two about the recent flooding and how it has affected the UK. Here's a few of the facts:

1.  Last winter's storms were the worst recorded in England & Wales since 1766

2.  12 "major" storms battered the UK between mid-Dec and mid-Feb

3.  It was the biggest emergency services mobilisation since the Blitz

4.  Over 70% of the UK's emergency personnel were involved

5.  517.6mm rain fell in the UK, making it the wettest winter on record since 1910

6.  More than 5 million people live and work in flood-risk areas

7.  1 in 6 UK properties are at risk

8.  Flooding is one of the biggest natural threats in the UK

9.  The government has spent more than ever before on flood defences in the past 12 months, estimated to be several £bn

10.  Over 100 flood defence structures in Somerset and Devon have been re-assessed by the Environment Agency this summer

Of course, with over 30 years of expertise in the drysuit design, manufacture and repair industry, we know plenty about dressing up against the elements too!

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